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Mulberific Delite

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Mulberific Delite

A scientifically formulated diet for the grass eating tortoise that contains all the vitamins and minerals required for proper shell growth, along with unique hydration and water retention properties which provide tortoises with the moisture levels they require for good health. Continued exclusive use will reduce waste odor and stickiness for easy cleanup and maintenance.

Mulberry Leaf Offers Superior Nutrition

  • Mulberry leaf offers an optimal nutrient source and significantly improves palatability. The added mulukhiya, Japanese mustard spinach, and minimum grain content further enhance performance and flavor.

Enhances Water Retention

  • Offers excellent water absorption and high retention with a sponge-like texture that improves acceptance and natural water intake.

Balanced Nutrition

  • Low protein, high fiber and high calcium formula with a 5:1 calcium:phosphorus ratio which is optimal for tortoises.

The Hikari-Germ™ Benefit

  • Our proprietary probiotic that supports immune and digestive system health.