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Online Reseller Qualification

Each of us at Hikari® Sales USA, Inc. appreciates your interest in offering your customers the Hikari®, Bio-Pure®, Aquarium Solutions®, Pond Solutions®, or Reptile Solutions® line of products. If you are currently an online retailer please note that online resellers of our products must be approved by us in advance to use any of our trade dress, trademarks, product images or other intellectual property. Failure to submit an Online Reseller Approval Form will result in the reseller's name being put on our unapproved listing which could preclude your distributor/supplier from selling to you. To initiate the approval process, please complete the information below. You will then be contacted by our MAPP team. Thanks for your interest in offering our products to your online customers.

Freshwater Fish Products
Saltwater Fish Products
Reptile Products
Bird Products

Saki-Hikari® Fancy Goldfish
Hikari® Goldfish Gold
Hikari® Oranda Gold
Hikari® Lionhead
Hikari® Wheat-Germ
Hikari® Sinking Excel
Hikari® Goldfish Staple

Cichlid Gold
Sinking Cichlid Gold®
Cichlid ®Bio-Gold+
Cichlid Excel®
Sinking Cichlid Excel®
Cichlid Staple
Blood Red Parrot+®

Saki-Hikari® Herbivore
Saki-Hikari® Carnivore
Marine -A-®
Marine -S-
Coralific Delite
Seaweed Extreme

Saki-Hikari® Turtle
Pak Attack
Dragon Delite

FD Blood Worms
FD Brine Shrimp
FD Daphnia
FD Krill
FD Ocean Plankton
FD Spirulina Brine Shrimp
FD Tubifex Worms

Saki-Hikari® Deep Red
Saki-Hikari® Pure White
Saki-Hikari® Multi-Season
Saki-Hikari® Growth
Saki-Hikari® Color Enhancing
Hikari® Gold®
Hikari® Hi-Growth
Hikari® Spirulina
Hikari® Wheat-Germ
Hikari® Sinking Wheat-Germ
Hikari® Excel
Hikari® Staple
Hikari® Economy
Silkworm Selects

Baby Brine Shrimp
Blood Worms
Brine Shrimp
Clam On A Half Shell
Coral Gumbo
Jumbo Blood Worms
Jumbo Mysis Shrimp
Mega-Marine Algae
Mega-Marine Angel
Mysis Shrimp
Ocean Plankton
Okanagan Lake Freshwater
Mysis Shrimp
Spirulina Brine Shrimp
Tubifex Worms
Omega Brine Shrimp
Reef Riot Carnivore
Reef Riot Herbivore
Algae Wafers
Betta Bio-Gold®
Crab Cuisine®
Discus Bio-Gold®
Fancy Guppy®
First Bites®
Food Sticks
Jumbo CarniSticks®
Massivore Delite®
Micro Pellets®
Micro Wafers®
Mini Algae Wafers
Shrimp Cuisine
Sinking Carnivore® Pellets
Sinking Wafers®
Vibra Bites

Betta Revive
Herbal Betta Revive
Betta Ultimate®
Quick Ich-X®
GermGone Reptile
Ich-X® SW

Check Valve
AccuProbe Mini Hydrometer
AccuProbe Hydrometer
Bacto-Surge Sponges

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By submitting this Online Reseller Approval Form we are confirming we understand we have to be approved before we are authorized to use any of the IP of Hikari Sales USA, Inc.. We agree to notify Hikari Sales USA, Inc. of any change to the personnel when it occurs. We agree to provide Hikari Sales USA, Inc. with a monthly report of the sales of their items from each of our sites and a report of the total sales to each state they were sold in to. We agree to donate 1% of our monthly sales to Pets In The Classroom to reinvest in the pet industry, proof of which is required each month to maintain our approval if granted. We further understand failure to provide the reports and make the donation as described above will jeopardize our approved status. Finally, we understand that any approval is for our own use only and does not authorize us to sell any Hikari Sales USA, Inc. product to any other seller under any circumstances. *required

You can also email us at fish@hikariusa.com or call 800-621-5619