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Feeding Hikari For Show Quality Koi

Read on for detailed advice on how to incorporate Hikari Excel, Hikari Wheat-Germ and Hikari Hi-Growth into your pond diet to help raise show quality koi in various weather conditions.

To stabilize the physical condition while finishing the color in water temperatures above 77°F
At this stage koi have a strong appetite, therefore we recommend you feed a blend of Hikari Excel and Hikari Hi-Growth in a ratio of 3 to 7. This will help the koi grow in length and girth without promoting deformities. Hikari Excel also protects you koi from color fading as the fish increases in size. (a common occurrence) In addition, Hikari Excel includes a special ingredient that allows the red coloring matter of the Hi (pronounced hee) to achieve a rich, deep color, originating from the bottom layers of the fish’s skin.

To stabilize the physical condition while finishing the color in water temperatures between 68°F and 77°F
During this stage the koi’s metabolism rate is beginning to increase, therefore it is important to ensure a well-balanced diet that is easily digested yet provides ample nutrition to promote the color enhancement and luster development of the skin. Hikari Excel in combination with Hikari Wheat-Germ in a ratio of 7 to 3 is your answer. Feeding this mixture will stabilize the white color and result in gradual color enhancement with good gloss and luster beginning in the deepest layers of the Hi.

To maintain a stabilized physical condition and finish in the off-season in water temperatures below 68°F but above 50°F
During this stage feed only Hikari Wheat-Germ. This easy to digest, highly nutritious diet will help maintain your koi’s condition during the colder weather months and establish an excellent starting point for the next show season.

During period when your water temperature is consistently below 50°F
Please discontinue feeding your koi as their metabolism has been lowered beyond the point which they can effectively digest food. This is their hibernation period and no feeding is required until your water temperature is consistently above 50°F.

One month prior to any competition for a body finishing technique
During the month prior to a competition, feed only Hikari Excel instead of the various blends described above. After feeding the koi Hikari Excel for approximately one month, the Hi will become even and brilliant red coloring will be achieved. At the same time, the white coloring will be fine and soft, with the overall finish having a show-quality gloss and luster.